Sejarah Urologi Surabaya

Program Studi Urologi FK Unair

Specialty-1 Program in Urology, Surabaya, is part of surgical science. Before 1973, there were some pioneers of urology, such as Prof. Dr. Oetama (surgeon) and Prof. Dr. Sadatoen (the first urologist). Then from 1973 to 1976, Prof. DR. Dr. Widjoseno Gardjito, Dr. Talib Bob Said (Surabaya), and Dr. Rudi Yuwana (Semarang) went to study in the Netherlands. After 1976, three other doctors from Surabaya, namely Dr. Soenarjo Hardjowijoto, Dr. Doddy M. Soebadi (now both Professors), and Dr. Adi Santoso followed their footsteps to study urology in the Netherlands.
In the 1980s, the development in urology became more significant with an increasing number of urologists. Accordingly, in 1984 the Specialty Program in Urology was established at Universitas Airlangga and University of Indonesia. Since 2003, three urology education centers have been established in Indonesia, namely Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga, and Faculty of Medicine Universitas Padjajaran. Urology is developing and has various super-specialist branches, namely: Uro-oncology, Pediatric-urology, Andrology, Female-urology and Trauumatology. The urology service units currently being developed include Urology Polyclinic, Urogenital Minimally Invasive Unit (IIU), Urology Skills Lab, Urology Inpatient Unit, Urology Operation Room, Urology Emergency Service at IRD, and Library.
Specialty Program carries out routine scientific activities, namely morning report, bedside teaching, textbook and optec readings. Once in three months, the program conducts a workshop, symposium and national seminar in cooperation with Indonesian Urologist Association (IAUI) and Indonesian Continence Association (Perkina) East Java. In addition, community outreach programs are also conducted regularly, such as mass circumcisions, VTP (No Knife Vasectomy), and hypospadias surgery.