Academic Facility

Dr. Soetomo General Hospital as the Main Teaching Hospital for Specialty-1 Program in Urology Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga has the following facilities:

  1. Policlinic Room
  2. Surgical Inpatient Room
  3. Intensive Observation Room
  4. Intensive Care Unit
  5. Six Cito Operation Rooms at the Emergency Installation (IRD)
  6. Three Elective Operation Rooms at Integrated Surgical Center Building (GBPT)
  7. “VESIKA” Discussion Room at the 2nd Floor of Urology Building
  8. “Prostat” Discussion Room at the 2nd Floor of Urology Building
  9. Minor Operation Room equipped with local cystoscopy at the Invasive Urogenital Unit (IIU)
  10. ESWL Room
  11. (Transabdominal and Transrectal) USG Room
  12. Urodynamic Room
  13. Uroflowmetry Room
  14. Resident (PPDS) On Call Room
  15. Urology Reading Room
  16. Diagnostic Radiology Room at Integrated Diagnostic Center Building
  17. Skill Lab Room 1 at the back part of Dr. Soetomo Hospital
  18. Skill Lab Room 2 at the Invasive Urogenital Unit (IIU)



Library is located on the 2nd floor of the urology building and contains textbooks, international scientific journals, national-accredited scientific journals, resident (PPDS) theses, and educational videos. It provides free wifi access to browse for electronic journals and electronic books, and several sets of computers and printer-scanners.


Skills Laboratory

No Name Area (m2) Capacity Facility Average Use (Hours per Week)
1 Skills Lab IIU 6 10 Upper-Lower Endoscopy Set, TURP Simulation, Medical Simulation Mannequin for Urological Diagnosis, CO2 Laser 4
2 Skills Lab Soetomo 50 20 PercMentor, LapMentor, UroMentor 4